Monday, December 14, 2009

Stocking Stuffers for Your Makeup Lover this Christmas!

It can be so hard to buy cosmetics for that makeup lover on your list. There are so many 'safe' options that they will love that I thought I would share a small list if you are finding hard to buy for that special person this holiday season.

Unless they have made you a list colours can be hard to purchase, foundations can be hard to match without the person present, and shadow's etc can be daunting to say the least. There are some staple products though that we makeup lovers can never seem to have enough of. If you look in a stocked makeup drawer anywhere in the world you will numerous variations of these products at once, so here is the safe list!

Mascara is always a safe bet. I usually have 4 different ones going at any given time, and I am always looking for a new one!

Second is eye liner, something I can never have enough of. There are many types of liners out there so the options are endless. For a very young makeup lover I would suggest a pencil, they are easier to apply and it is easy to correct mistakes. For someone who loves the dramatic liquid is always a great option, and always a favorite in black!

Third is nail polish, I know I said to stay away from colours but this is the exception! If I could I would have one of every shade available, and many other makeup addicts are the same!!

Fourth is an amazing clear lip gloss! We all have them, love them and could use another! Gloss is another one of those things I am always looking to try, and clear is the safest option that can be worn to add shine to any favorite lipstick!

If you are shopping a counter ask about their best seller or newest offering. If you are shopping at the drug store, look for that product that has been placed on on a stand alone display! This usually means that this is a new from the company so they are looking to give it some special attention!

I know there are endless more options and I would love to hear yours! I hope this just gives you a point to start from when shopping for that makeup addict on your list!

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