Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gosh Darling Lipstick... Do You Love It??

Over the holiday's I picked up Gosh's lipstick in Darling. I just had to pick it up when Beautymarked19 said in one of her YouTube video's that it was a great nude colour. My favorite for years has been MAC's Myth and I really didn't think I would find anything I liked as much, but I may have found something I like even better!

This lipstick retails for $15 CAD so it is not a real savings over MAC but for many people Gosh (which is carried at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada) is easier to find!  I decided to finally pick this up when I had a chance to swatch it in store and liked the consistency, which is something that is important to me and my dry lips.

Darling is a beautiful nude because it was a slight pink undertone which makes it appear more natural until many other nudes which can give a very artificial appearance due to their beige almost grey hue! You know what I mean, when you see that girl who's lips look like she those of someone from a zombie movie, not a beauty page!

The texture is great as well because it is creamy, while still being thick enough to be long wearing. This lipstick also has a very nice fragrance, slight vanilla but not at all overwhelming! Darling is one of the few nudes that looks good on my skin, and has replaced Myth as my go to for a perfect nude lip.

I am so impressed with the whole Gosh line and if you read this blog often you will note that Gosh makes another one of my favorite products the giant sun powder! I am looking forward to trying some other things from the Gosh Line in the coming months and hoping that they are as amazing as m favorite products have been so far!

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Halifax said...

I'd suggest to watch Shoppers' flyer and shop when Gosh is 40% off :-)

NancyPower said...

@ Halifax- that's what I do often!! Too bad they haven't had the 40% off in a while! It's been a couple of months now! I was going to wait to buy Darling but I wanted it too bad!! LOL

Nikki said...

When was the last time they had them 40% off?

NancyPower said...

@Nikki - I believe it was was just before Christmas the last time I was them on sale! I would think in the spring you will see it again!