Thursday, January 14, 2010

Maybelline Eye Studio in Sinful Sinnamon

I recently decided to pick up Maybelline Eye Studio duo in Sinful Sinnamon as I really felt that Maybelline was trying to do a dupe of MAC's Mineralize eye shadow duo and I just had to try it out. Now this statement did not come from Maybelline, but one look and you see many similarities in appearance.

This duo has a brownish burgundy on one side and a marbleized combo of pinks on the other. I am going to review one colour at a time to make it a little easier. The burgundy side has a high pearl to it much like many other mineral shadows. The texture was very soft, almost creamy and was very easy to apply. This colour looks great on people with green eye's but the shade has enough brown in it to look great on other eye colours as well. I found it made my eye's look a little irritated unless I used a black liner to break up the line between the shadow and my eye but my eyes look red very easily. Overall this colour wore very well and it definitely has found a place in m makeup bag.

The marbleized side was a different story. I found this shadow to be extremely crumbly and un-smooth to try and pick up on the brush. When I applied it to the eye I did not see a pink only a sparkly mess that did not stay on my eye at all but did seem to land on the rest of my face. I can't seem to find any use for this colour and wish it wasn't even there to crumble and make a mess.

Overall I did like the deeper shade and I did like it enough to eventually try some the other shades in the line. As with all new products, hopefully the next generation will fix the pitfalls that this product had.

I can't say that the same problem with the marbleized side would be true with all of the colours available! If you have tried this product out let me know what you think! Did you have a better result with the marbleized side then I did??


Halifax said...

Do you think the marble pink would work as a light blush or highlighter?

NancyPower said...

@ Halifax- I could see as a highlight if you are going out on a night on the town, but not a blush. There was really no colour payoff just glitter! Not fine glitter either, more of a chunky glitter! That's why it could work as a night on the town I really wanna get noticed highlight!

Farah said...

Great review Power!! I like hearing positives and negatives and that you speak your mind ;) I wouldnt think it would be worth the purchase if its crumbly already i mean it will only get worse no??

NancyPower said...

@ Farah- for the price I totally think it is worth it even if you only like the one colour. I just wish the light side didn't make such a mess! Maybe not all colours are as bad. I will let you know when I pick up another one!

britishbeautyblogger said...

One of my pet hates..marbly make up...seems like you can get any old color combinations off it and 'its meant to look like that'!

NancyPower said...

@britishbeautyblogger - exactly!!! LOL You are so right!