Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Maybelline XXL Pro Extensions Mascara

Maybelline launched a few products over the holiday season with the launches came Extensions mascara, so I decided to give it a try! At first I thought this would be a comparison to my L'Oreal Beauty Tubes, but this one is a totally different product. It is however extremely similar to the XXL Extensions™ XX-TREME LENGTH Microfiber Mascara So I may try that one next so I can compare for you all!

Maybelline says the following about this mascara 'Sweep the microfiber basecoat from root to tip of lashes to tame and align unruly lashes. Before the basecoat dries, sweep the lash extending topcoat from root to tip of lashes to achieve up to 85% longer lashes.' Ok so I don't know about 85% longer lashes, but once I used this mascara a few times I really started to like the look it gave me!

My lashes look longer, but also fuller which is something Maybelline doesn't claim but it something I love in a mascara. Most 2 step mascara's give great volume and this one is no different. It did not give any clumping, and the mascara stayed in place all day with no flaking or smudging. I did find it took a little work to remove, but it makes sense that it would with this formula.

I did wish that this came in a richer black as I really like my mascara as dark as possible, but those options always come after the launch so here's hoping it comes in the future.

If you love 2 step mascara's be sure to check out my post on L'Oreal Beauty Tubes as well!


Farah said...

I find the beauty tubes SO hard to remove. How do you do it?? even when i wash my face they stay on my lashes and i have to pull the tubes off with my fingers

NancyPower said...

@Farah- I use a facecloth that I have barely taken the water out of, soak them and then wiggle forward. I find they just slip off onto the facecloth! I don't use it all the time b/c it is work to remove, but I do love the effect!