Friday, January 8, 2010

The Newest Addition to My Watch Obsession

I know this is a makeup blog but if you are obsessed with all things beauty just has I am you probably also have a heathy accessory love as well! I have a weakness for all things shiny, but watches have always been a big love for me.

My newest addition is an Ed Hardy watch that I received for Christmas this year! I totally fell in love with this watch when I say it in the store. I must say I am usually not a sucker for a brand name but I just loved all the watches in this collection! I had to pick just one sadly but that's ok! I also found some rings that I loved and think now have my hubby hooked so I think he will be getting one some day soon! LOL

Do you love watches?? What is your favorite in your collection?? Share in the comments section!

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