Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quick Tip - Don't Let That Foundation Go to Waste!

I am always being asked for tip's and tricks for makeup. So I have decided to add quick tips here and there so let you all know some of my favourites.

Quick tip for the day is a favourite of mine for foundations that you simply don't use because they are just a little too dark for you. Simply add some of this foundation to your moisturizer to give yourself a great tinted moisturizer on those day's where you simply don't need foundation. It's a great way to use product that would normally just go to waste. When I really want a glow I also add a little liquid illuminator to the mix as well!

Do you have a great quick tip?? Let me know at makeupkase@hotmail.com. It may get included on a future quick tip post!


Halifax said...

What would you suggest to do with a foundation that is too light?

NancyPower said...

@Halifax - If you have another foundation that is too dark you can mix the two in order to achieve the right colour. If you do not have a shade that is too dark you can use it only on the high planes of the face in order to create a highlighted area. If it is many shades too light you may have skip this as you don't want to create a grey hue to the skin.

Michelle (BeautyEditor.ca) said...

Great tip! After all, aren't tinted moisturizers just regular moisturizer mixed in with a bit of foundation? DIY is so much cheaper!