Thursday, February 11, 2010

Revlon Colorstay Mineral Finishing Powder... A Review

A while back i did a post when I first saw the Mineral Finishing Powder in store. It caught my attention as to me it really seemed as if Revlon was trying to dupe Mac MSF's. After talking with some of my fellow beauty junkies and bloggers I decided I really needed to give these a try.

I purchased Brighten and Suntan Matte (which by the way isn't at all matte) simply because I couldn't decide which one I should get. Revlon says it a 'Soft, all-over lift of color that diffuses flaws and minimizes shine'. I bought mine for $13 each, which is pretty on par for other Revlon products. as always though look out for great sales on products like this.

So here are my thoughts, I will start with Brighten! This product I could never get away with as an all over face powder, it simply has too much shimmer. However I really liked this as a highlighter for my face. It provided a nice luminosity without too much shimmer and sparkle. A little went a long way for me so I think I will have this powder for a long time! It didn't have a crumbly texture like I thought it would either which was a big plus for me.

Suntan Matte was the next shade. I was hoping that I could use this as an all over powder, but it is too dark for my skin. You deeper skinned ladies will have better luck using it this way, you lucky gals! I really do love this as a bronzer as it goes on some what sheer but allows you to build the colour. This product isn't matte, but it has much less shimmer then the Brighten!

I love that both have the colorstay qualities, holding true for hours even on my oily skin! At the end of the day they were still where I had applied them and also helped my foundation to hold true as well! I hope that they expand the line in the future so we can all have shades to use as all over powders!


Halifax said...

Good to know about Brighten, I got it from a blog sale but haven't tried :-)

COCAMIA said...

Gonna have to try sounds very interesting!