Saturday, February 20, 2010

Say Goodbye to These Annabelle Colours!!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I love the Custom Quad colours from Annabelle! I own pretty much the whole collection! Every season there are temporary colours added to the line. With the coming of Spring this means we have to say goodbye 4 Quad colours, B-Ray,Vivid Violet, Graffiti and Chlorine .

B-Ray is a matte navy blue that I think is a great option for a modern smokey eye. Vivid Violet is a very sheer purple with a gold shimmer. Graffiti is an ultra shimmer dark grey that should be a staple in every collection. Last but not least is Chlorine, which is a very sheer almost metallic olive green. I have included a picture for you all, but my flash has made all the colours lighter then they truly are!

If any of these colours are a favourite, be sure to run and and get them while you can! These colours are currently being phased out of stores to make room for some exciting colours coming in March (post on the new colours coming soon) so don't wait!

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