Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is That Image Really What it Seems?

I remember when the famous dove ad first came out, watching the model evolve before our eyes from average looking gal into something completely different. For a while it seemed that women were realizing that commercial beauty and perfection were really something that we simply could not achieve on our own. As time passed it seemed that girls forgot the message of this commercial. As I read messages sent to me daily and watch tv programs speaking about women who go to extremes to achieve perfection I realize that the message still hasn't reached many women and young girls out there!

As a makeup artist I strive to make women feel and look their absolute best. Often I am seeing women who's expectations for makeup go beyond what can be created. They see celebs with no makeup and cover shots thinking that it was simply makeup that created the image they see. While makeup plays a role, when it comes to images on magazines there are a team of people with lighting etc and a photoshop whiz behind the scene's to create that final image you see.

When I do more commercial work I often see how images are manipulated in order to create perfection or a specific look wanted for a client. Legs are slimmed, hair perfected and made to look thicker and even nose jobs can be done with a click of a mouse.

Please take a moment to re-watch this amazing Dove ad and share it with women that you know to remind them that the perfection they see in the media is not simply about great gene's but great manipulation as well!


JCapsey said...

Thanks for sharing Nancy. It's so true and we do forget the effort and distortion that goes into making the perfection of print or on camera a reality.

Monica said...

the makeup artist behind that transformation, Diana Carreiro, did an amazing job!