Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Besame Lip Glaze and Cashmere Powder

As I have told you all before I have a love for Besame cosmetics. I have reviewed their lipsticks in the past and absolutely love everything about them. This is why I was so excited when I was sent Besame's Lip Glaze and Cashmere Powder to try. I had been wanting to try the powder for a long time so I couldn't wait for the package to arrive.

For those of you who have not heard of Besame before, this brand is very vintage inspired in everything from the product colours to the beautiful packing that the product comes in. Besame's products are elegant and a complete delight to work with.

The first product I want to talk about is the Lip Glaze. I was sent Cotton Candy to try which as the name implies is a light candy pink colour. This glaze is a vitamin, collagen and peptide enriched formula that really did leave my lips feeling softer after each use. This glaze is a thick formulation and is sort of sticky, but really this is something as I have stated before that I like in gloss. I like the way it clings to the lips for long wear. This glaze also has a vanilla fragrance that I really like and is not overwhelming. I find the texture similar to MAC but the vanilla fragrance is a little different then the one you would find in MAC glosses. I really liked the pink shade and this glaze also comes in in 4 other shades that I know I will end up collecting over time.

Now on the the Cashmere Powder which I was so excited to receive. Now I will be honest I was a little taken back by the size when it arrived. It is a petite package, but this little compact holds an wonderful product. What cannot be ignored is how beautiful this product is both in ingredients in appearance. This powder is paraben-free and is enriched with anti-aging vitamin C and protects from the sun with natural zinc and titanium dioxide. I think that is a lot of great stuff packed into a little compact to say the least. This powder did not cake on the skin or leave a look of powder. I can touch up all day with this product with out powder overload on the skin! As for the packaging well a picture is worth a thousand words, this gold and red compact is something you would be proud to to take out and touch up with at any venue and the compact will fit into the smallest of evening bags for that big night on the town.

Owner Gabriela Hernandez is working on a book that I can't wait to read once it arrives in stores! This woman puts a lot of effort into all aspects of her products and it definitely shows!

Stay tuned in the coming days as Gabriela has graciously agreed to have Besame be a part of an exciting contest I am having. I can't wait to share this exciting contest information with you very soon!

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karen said...

I cant wait for the contest either and I hope its not only for young woman, but older mature woman too they can surely teach the next generation how they themselves kept their youthful looks. I am a 51 year young woman who has taken numerous amounts of pictures that turned out surperb and from my simple point and shoot camera that suprassed a professional photographer who I had spent tons of money only to be so dissatisfied with his out come. I hsve lots to share in tips on how to keep skin glowing and healthy the natural way. Would love an oppertunity to do just that. Beauty comes within and shines out. And with proper steps any woman cant look beautiful on the outside at any age and size. Thank You, Karen