Friday, June 18, 2010

Is There Another Celeb Going the Plastic Surgery Route like Heidi Montag??

I was so saddened when the People magazine article came out about Heidi Montag's plastic surgery changes. I was even sadder when I found an old picture of Heidi and saw that this was only the latest round of surgeries for a woman who was beautiful to start with and must be so sad to do all this to herself!


Today I see a pic of Megan Fox and could not even believe the changes that have taken place in this beauty in the past 3 years. This gal is only 24 but the cosmetic changes have totally aged her in my opinion and she has lost the fresh faced beauty she had only a couple of years ago.

I know that plastic surgery is everywhere but it makes me sad that so many beautiful girls must just not feel that way to make so many changes to themselves in such short periods of time! What do you think??

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em said...

it's scary isn't it? that photo of megan fox doesn't even look real, eek! future cat lady!

Kat Stanford said...

Wow, Megan Fox looks creepy. I can't understand why they do this to themselves. They were beautiful to begin with!