Monday, June 21, 2010

Individual Lashes for Subtle Summer Drama

So I have never been one to use individual lashes, no real reason other then I just felt like strip lashes were just so much more easy! Well I decided to give the individuals a real try as during the summer we often don't want as heavy of a makeup look and individual lashes are so easy to hide and look natural and no not give a heavy look or feel to the eye at all. I also felt that you can create a real wispiness using these lashes that creates a very natural look!  

I actually really liked the effect that these had for me. I felt that my lashes just looked great without being heavy and was great for just spending a summer evening outside. Now I did not use the glue for these lashes that keeps them intact for several weeks. This was done using Duo and will last for the evening but that is really my preference when it comes to lashes.

I think that I will be wearing these more often throughout the summer. Have you worn individual lashes? Would you give it a try?

Sorry for the pic quality I took these with the Blackberry!

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liloo said...

this is so gorgeous sweetie
you made me want to try mine again
thank you for great post