Monday, June 7, 2010

MTV Movie Awards... Looks of the Evening!

Well the MTV Movie Awards were last night so I wanted to show off some of the looks that were sported on the red carpet. 

Katey Perry's makeup looked flawless as usual and while the MTV awards is the perfect place to be a little out of the box I really didn't like the blue Betty Paige wig myself.

Christina Aguilera's red carpet look has come so far over the years and while she continues to experiment with her look in video's etc her image on the red carpet has become always polished and perfected as the starlets of old!

Kristen Stewart is an amazing actress but her red carpet look is often not polished and she always seems awkward. She still has a beauty that cannot be denied but she very much needs a stylist who can create a look that is comfortable for her yet stylish and put together!

Well what can be said about Snooki?? At least she didn't sport the 'POOF' that she loves so much. I think she looks great for Snooki here but I can't say it was a winner overall for me. I do think she has come along way however and I really do give her kudos' for that!

What are your thoughts on these ladies, or any other of the looks sported at the awards show last night?

Images via Getty Images.

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