Monday, June 7, 2010

Rihanna's New Hairstyle... What Do You Think??

After reports that Rihanna was going to grow out her locks a little she is now sporting a red hue with even an even more pronounced shaved underside. I have loved most of Rihanna's looks in the past but this one to me just doesn't work.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

What do you think of this look?? Do you like Rihanna's newest hair style or is this one a look she should have skipped in your opinion?


liloo said...

dear me. do not like.
she can pull it off cos she's rihanna but i dont know anybody who could pull it off. this will last 1 month max. wait till the regrowth happens xx


Farah said...

meh not loving it... i dont like the color i hate the cut and she now reminds me of a boy from grade 7

Jen said...

love rihanna's other daring do's, but totally NOT this one! Everything seems wrong... colour, cut, gender