Friday, July 16, 2010

Lemonade Manicure and Pedicure

As I was driving the other day I saw a sign outside of a spa advertising Lemonade manicures and pedicures. It just sounded simply summery and refreshing, but then I thought about how gimmicky it all sounded. Was there a real benefit to a lemonade procedure??

Lemons have been used for centuries in beauty, to lighten the hair, make skin look fresher and younger and to simply lift your spirits with it's aromatherapy. Using it for the hands and feet are only a natural progression.

Lemons remove stains from the nails we often get from using darker shades of nail polish. They also remove discolouration from the skin as well as softening the skin for east removal of any dryness and callus! The aroma is also just a natural lift to the spirit which of course cannot be ignored when relaxing during a mani, pedi session!

So there is a lot to be said for a lemonade beauty treatment... is it a little gimmicky during these hot summer months...yes!!! Never the less if your local spa offers this treatment take advantage, the benefits are real!


Rock that Look said...

oooh good to know! Thanks Nancy :) Cristina said...

Really?? Lemonade pedis, eh? That does sound fresh and summery. I'll never forget something my mom showed me when I finished gardening and my nails were... hideious. She mixed lemon juice with toothpaste and handed me the bowl with the nail scrubber. I went ahead and cleaned my nails, which looked SO white and healthy in minutes. I love natural beauty posts! Nice one :)
Cristina from