Thursday, July 15, 2010

Using Coloured Liners to Create Summer Drama

During the summer months you don't often don't want to be putting on a lot of makeup just to go out into the heat. So what is a makeup lover to do when they still want to make a statement??

 I turn to my coloured eyeliners! Liquid, gel, kohl the types are almost endless these days and they are a great option for someone who loves to play with colour during the hot months!

I have oily lids so during the hot months I do tend to lean towards liquid or gel liners as they set to a budge proof finish. I keep my pencils and kohls for the waterline mostly this time of year.

I love using liquid liner to create a bold pop of colour, then add black just at the lash line to create the depth I love. With so many colours out there to choose from these days the possibilities are endless.


Lena! said...

I just loaded up on coloured liners so I was happy to see your post!

NancyPower said...

@Lena! - I'm glad! I would be interested to know what colours you bought!