Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Short Hair Love

I always want to cut my hair off and do something interesting.... but fear always stops me as the one time I actually went through with it the cut wasn't what I was expecting and it was too hard to handle with my curly locks.

Still I see pictures and wish I had the nerve, the hair or the face to carry it off!

Anyone else have a love for short hair but fear taking the leap??

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Mamasita said...

I never thought I wouls have short hair. I had long hair all my life and just a few years ago I went with the Posh bob and loved it. Of course after a while you miss the long locks but hair DOES Grow. ;0) mine has taken a bit of time to grow back but I dont regret cutting it when I did. I loved the short look! I say go for it. you only live once and its not like it wont grow back or you cant get extensions.