Monday, April 18, 2011

Nice and Easy Color Blend Foam

I have been colouring my hair since the eighth grade so I have tried pretty much everything there is to try! My favourite colour for a long time has been Nice and easy because it gives amazing grey coverage, creates a multi tonal effect and is easy to use. My love for Nice and Easy meant when The Color Blend Foam was launched I was more then excited to give it a try.

First thing is that as with all new launches there aren't as many colours to choose from as the regular line, so I had to choose a colour that was similar to the one I regularly use. I know that this colour would be close enough so with excited I brought my little box of colour home!

As I opened the box and began assembling the contents ( as per the video found here ) I immediately began to see it's flaws! First of all is the smell... I have always liked that Nice and Easy does not burn the nose, but this products smell was overwhelming and left me with a headache by the time application was complete!

Next was the application... I was concentrating on my roots and I am used to accurate application to this area. The foam is applied to the hands and then applied to the hair much like a shampoo. For me and my very thick hair this made it very difficult to assure that my root area was being focused on and completely saturated before the ends of my hair which only needing freshening! As well I felt that squeezing the bottle to gain access to product became harder and harder once your gloves were wet from applying colour. Also this was messy, unlike the claims. There was a much bigger mess for my to clean because of the foam bubbles popping then the regular formula has ever left me with!

Most important the results... The colour was close to what I am used to but what I wasn't that impressed with was the coverage of my difficult grey next to my ears. I felt like I could see much more then I am used to. As well I feel this product didn't leave my hair as soft as the regular formula!

Would I buy this product again.... NO WAY! I can see how this product may be ok for those with short hair and not a lot of grey, but for me and my thick longer hair (with stubborn grey) this wasn't the one for me!

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