Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer... a Review

When I first started seeing reviews for Hard Candy's Glamoflauge concealer I was so excited. I am a huge fan of Kat von D's tattoo concealer so a MUCH cheaper product with similar claims excited me! It took a while for me to find this product in my local store, but as soon as I did I grabbed one and rushed to to try it out!

Initial thoughts... I was amazed at the coverage this inexpensive little tube gave me! The amount the size of the head of a pin covered my blemishes. Although colours are limited (3 to be exact) the lightest shade was perfect for me. The product blended very well... enough that in a pinch I can just wear the concealer without my skin looking blotchy!

Thoughts after a day of wear... still amazed with coverage but I wish this product didn't break down a little on my oily skin. Unlike Kat von D's offering this one isn't waterproof and smudge proof so this one did begin to separate on the oily portions of my skin by the end of the day. I must say though that for the price this is something I can deal with and work around!

The little pencil concealer I have not found much use for to be honest but I keep it in my purse incase of an emergency!

If you need an opaque concealer and cannot afford or just don't want to have to pay for the pricier options then this one is for you.

Have you tried this concealer?? What were your thoughts??

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