Monday, November 23, 2015

ApHogee two-step protein treatment... Does it work???

I am asked a lot about the different treatments I use on my hair. A few times a week I use my coconut oil treatment. The next big one is the ApHogee Two-step protein treatment every 6 weeks! 

I colour treat my hair as well as heat style which is not great for my coarse dry hair. Is treatment puts protein back into my hair filling the pores and giving more strength. Protein is a tricky thing, a little is great and too much can be very drying. This is why this treatmnet happens every 6 weeks along with usual colour treatment. 

The directions on the packaging are pretty good but I will explain exactly how I do it.

1) Wash your hair using a clarifying shampoo to remove also residue and buildup.
2) Next towel dry as much as you can.
3) Wearing gloves (because it can sting on cuts) apply generous amounts of the protein treatment to the hair. Assuring it is completely saturated. The product is thin so I suggest putting some into your hands and adding to hair.
4) Next using a blow dryer gently dry hair completely without agitating. You hair will become extremely hard and this is what you want. Do not comb etc so you do not cause damage.
5) Once completely dry wash out product completely and add you fave hair mask.
6) Rinse and style as usual.

This product really does improve texture and strength in the hair! It undoes some of the torture we put our hair through and is a great item if you are trying to grow out your hair. I am so glad I started using it and my hair is happy too!

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