Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Nail growth using acrygel

So I go through cycles where I decide I want nice manicured hands, then quickly give up after my thin peeling nails begin breaking! I have tried every nail treatment I read about and while they work in the short term I never get far... Especially when life gets in the way and I cannot commit time every third day to redo my manicure. I say every third day because no matter what I use that's how long I get before I start seeing peeling and chipping with my products. Now I am not going to mention names because the products may work amazingly well for some of you... Just not for me :(

Recently I read about acrygel on Pinterest. This is where you layer soakable gel with acrylic powder to give strength yet a natural look. This product soaks off instead of being filed and will last 1-2 weeks before needing attention. After much research I went to Sally's and bought what I needed.

Pictured above is a LED Gelish lamp, fine file, acrylic powder, cuticle pusher, nail brush, Gelish ph bond and Gelish foundation. 

I will walk you through the steps and then link you to the best video I have seen on how to do this process.

1) prep nails by pushing back cuticles, shaping nails and gently roughing up the nails surface just to remove shine the use ph bond on the nail bed.
2) apply a thin layer of Gelish foundation to the nail. Wiggle the brush on the nail need for better adhesion.
3) scoop acrylic powder over the nail covering the nail bed and shake off excess. Then cure for required time. This will change depending on your lamp. Then brush away excess powder.
4) repeat steps 2 and 3
5) apply a thicker layer of foundation and cap each nail (run brush along free edge) . Turn finger upside down so that gel can shape itself. This really saves on filing! Then again cure your gel.
6) finally use alcohol to remove gel residue (sticky layer) using a knot free cotton pad.

Voila strong nails that look amazing, polished or left as is!

Please watch the video below to see the process step by step. It is the best one I have found.

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