Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hair lamination... A DIY

Just like many of you I am always searching searching for a great treatment for my hair! As usual Pinterest saved the day and I found hair lamination. 

This is a treatment that can be done in a salon but there is also a great DIY option using gelatin. 

This treatment is a temporary way to make your hair feeling healthier and fuller. It basically coats the hair while adding a little protein to your strands. Using a clarifying shampoo will remove it completely as will several normal washes. To increase the length of time your treatment lasts try adding a packet of gelatin to your regular shampoo to add softness, volume and texture. 

So how do we do this process?

1) mix 1 tablespoon of gelatin with 3 tablespoons of warm water, stir and cover.
2) while gelatin dissolves wash your hair. I clarified mine to remove build up. Also use minimal conditioner if you need for manageability.
3) now uncover the gelatin mixture and add a tablespoon of your fave hair mask. Once mixed if your concoction is too thick (think slime) then add a spoonful of warm water at a time and stir until your mixture is a thick hair mask constancy.
4) now add mixture to your hair avoiding the inch closest to your scalp.
5) cover with a shower cap and add heat for 10 min. At this point I covered the whole thing with a beanie. 
6) let sit for one hour then wash with warm water and style as usual.

So how did it work? I really felt extra softness  and manageability after I used the treatment. I normally use a lot of product in my hair for added softeness. After the treatment I decided to use minimal product so I could really see what the gelatin did. I have included a pic but it really doesn't capture how soft my hair felt.

I will definitely do this treatmnet again. Most articles say that even though it washes out, doing the treatment once a week for a month will give cumulative benefits due to the proteins etc in gelatin.

 Check back in during the coming weeks and I will let you know if I see increased benefits!

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