Saturday, November 28, 2015

Nail of the week... Make a Spectacle

Since starting my nail growth journey I have been reaching into my polish Stacy more and more. So I thought it was a great time to start a nail of the week. We're I can share techniques I have learned in nail art or just share my fave polish of the moment.

This weeks polish came from a recent visit to Sally's. I saw this polish but thought 'no I don't need it'. After a week of thinking about this gorgeous glitter polish I went back and bought China Glaze's Make a Spectacle! This polish was part of the 2012 Halloween collection but I totally missed it at that time.

It is a gorgeous pastel glitter polish that reflects an amazing green. This polish is jammed packed full of glitter so achieving a good effect took little effort. I wanted a subtle look so I simply did a swipe over the upper half of my naked nail and covered in a gel top coat! It glistens in the light and I am so excited to try it in different nail looks in the future!!

Have you tried this polish?? Give me some suggestions of polishes I need to try!!

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