Monday, November 23, 2015

I have a lash addiction!!!

Hi, my name is Nancy and I have a lash addiction. 

I remember when the thought of false lashes stressed me out! Even as a makeup artist I could use false lashes on others but felt daunted at applying them to myself.... Then things changed!

About 2 years ago I had lash extensions. We can talk about them at another time if you want to hear about it... Safe to say there weren't for me!! However I became addiction to long lashes and felt naked without them. That's when I started wearing false lashes almost daily! At this point adding false lashes is quicker for me then trying to mess with mascara!

I love how in a rush lashes can make you appear polished with little effort. I also love the added drama it creates in intense eye looks. Options are endless and styles come in the hundreds!

Lashes above are Ardell Demi wispies stacked with Ardell wispies, Ardell individual lashes and Ardell Demi wispies alone.

Please me me know some of your fave lashes in the comments below! Also let me know if you would like a step by step on how I apply my lashes!

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