Friday, March 20, 2009

Liner and Lash Tutorial

So I've had a lot of requests on the pinup style liner with heavy lashes so I wanted to give a small tutorial on how it works.

First prime and prep your face using your normal foundations, keep blush and bronzer etc to a minimum is the eye's are the focus here.

I used a vanilla coloured shadow all over the eye and then using a deep beige added dimension the the crease of the eye.

Next is the ultimate cheat!!! Using scotch tape place it at the corner of the on an angle going from the nose through the corner of the eye to the edge of your brow. Now even if you aren't a liner expert you will have a straight line at the edge of your eye. Now using a liquid liner I started in the middle of the eye drawing a line along the eye and up the tape to where I liked. I then went from the top corner of my liner down to where I stared creating a triangle shape. I then filled in. *If you aren't a liquid liner gal you can create this using black shadow and an angle brush.

I then filled in the inner part of the eye using a blue pigment to five the look a little more modern dimension.

I then applied mascara and added 2 sets of full dense lashes to create a dramatic effect.

I then finished off with a beige pink gloss to keep the look modern but if you wanted to throw back to the pinup era use a blue red lipstick instead!

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