Monday, April 6, 2009

Disappointment with Braun aka Proctor and Gamble

I bought a Braun smoothstyler a while back and was very disappointed when even before my first butane cartridge was finished (approx 5 uses) the product stopped working. I tried all the steps that you normally would including trying another cartridge and when I realized that it wasn't 'user error' I contacted Braun. I sent an email which was answered telling me sorry your upset please call. When I called I was basically told sorry you should have kept your receipt for ever in case of a problem! All I wanted was for something to be done. I was told that because the number on the styler was over a year old that I would have to pay for a repair out of my own pocket.

Now I don't expect companies to beg at my feet or give me the world when there is a problem. I do expect however for you to stand behind your product and at least offer to repair it for me as I really don't feel I got my money's worth on this one.

I will say that I am the person who sends an email whenever I am disappointed in a product, I am however just as quick to send one when I am happy and feel that a product has surpassed my expectations! I have had various responses to my feedback but rarely am I left feeling so unheard as I did when I spoke to Braun.

Such a large company can afford to keep customers happy when all you would have to do is agree to see the product to know that it was defective and should be repaired at your cost.

Shame on you Proctor and Gamble for not caring about your customers! I will be replacing my smoothstyler but not with another Braun product!!

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