Thursday, April 2, 2009

Eyebrow Tutorial

So the question I get asked most is about shaping eyebrows! When tweezing remember less is more. When you can I always suggest to go to a professional, at least for the initial shaping. If you can't here are some tips.
1) Never tweeze from above (leave this to a professional)
2) At first only remove stray hairs then assess when else needs to be removed.
3) Create a guideline using a white eye pencil, this way you will not tweeze too much.

When creating a shape start by creating an imaginary line from your nose through the inner corner of your eye. Only remove hairs that fall to the outer part of this line. Next create an imaginary line from your nose through the iris of your eye. This should be the highest part of your arch. Next a line from your nose through the outer corner of your eye, this should be where your brow ends.

If you wish to fill in your brow use a brow powder as this gives the most natural look. Use an angled brush and create brow using short strokes so that the powder looks more like hairs. Never use a powder that is darker then your natural brow unless going for a dramatic look. A slightly lighter powder again gives a more natural look.

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