Wednesday, June 10, 2009

To Bronze or Not to Bronze That is the Question!

Bronzers...everyone wants to try them but so often you see orange people out there that got the concept completely wrong!! Bronzers are a great tool to create a healthy sun kissed glow all year round, leaving you looking well rested and healthy. So many brands make bronzers that have an almost orangeness to them that let people know that your bronze glow was purchased not placed there by the sun. So I'm reviewing several drug store brands of bronzers that I have tried. Some I love and others I will only use then a shoot calls for orange skin!! As well I will give a couple tips for application so that your glow looks natural and flawless.

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting Pressed Bronzer was a recent purchase that went back to the store the next day! I had high hopes for this one as the beautician raved and said that it was the best one now available. I love bronzers with a natural illumination but this one sparkled like I was headed out to a dance club not on my daily routine! The colour choice was not the best and I either had to choose sickly almost no bronze or the next shade up. This one went on orange as if I had rust on my face and it's texture was very heavy it was difficult to get a light application. This one got two thumbs way down!!!

Next is Rimmel as a brand they are not my favorite for quality but they are one of the best drug store brands for bronzer I have seen. Their basic bronzer is a great colour with no orangeness and it has a matte finish with is easy to work with. It's application is smooth and not heavy so you can build the look you want. The shades are great so you can find one for most skin tones! Rimmel also does great limited edition bronzers every year that have illuminating qualities, I always take advantage of these to have a selection on hand! I give Rimmel my stamp of approval.

Previously I reviewed Cover Girl's mineral bronzer which I thought was also a good bronzer so please check that post out by clicking the link for more detail on that specific product.

Next is application techniques which is by far the most important part of a great bronzed look. First of all use the biggest brush you have, small brushes just give a streaky look that does not look natural. Next after applying product to the brush create a 3 shape by starting at the forehead going down the temple and out along the cheek bone then back down by your year and along the jaw bone. Do this on both sides and you will create almost a figure eight shape. Next with what is left on your brush brush along your nose and chin as the sun would naturally hit these places as well. Don't forget if you are creating a very bronzed look to as well brush along you neck so that you are not two toned.

Well I hope this helps you get the right product and create the perfect summer bronzed looked. I have several more bronzers I will be testing in the coming weeks and I will add my reviews of those soon!

Happy bronzing!

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