Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Indulge Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil Review

Indulge cosmetics are a discount line of cosmetics found in Walmart stores a. I decided to try out their jumbo eye pencils after seeing a youtube video by Stacey Brennan. These pencils are sold 2 for $2.46 and come in 3 colour combinations. After seeing the video I ran out to give these pencils a try and I wanted to pass along my feelings on this product to you.

So I bought 2 of the three colour combinations which gave me a grey, blue, green and pink pencil to try. These pencils look much like NYX's pencils except that they are automatic as compared to NYX's sharpening pencils. I tried the green pencil right after getting home hoping that it would replace my NYX pencil for an eyeshadow base as it is easier for me to find and lets be honest who doesn't like to save money.

These pencils are much more glittery then NYX's more shimmer type pencils. This is fine if you are wanting a really glittery look, but not great if you want to create a more matte look for your shadow. The pencil itself is much softer then NYX's pencil and not as waxy; however this wasn't a bad thing as my shadow lasted just as long using the Indulge pencil as it does with NYX.

Colour payoff was very nice helping to create depth in the shadow you apply over top of the pencil. I really wish they had done a selection without the glitter though as you would get much more use for them. 

Overall these aren't a replacement for my NYX pencils but are a great addition, especially when you consider the price at only around $1.23 per pencil!

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