Monday, July 27, 2009

Some Really Great Deals!

I usually try to keep this blog all about current product reviews and such but today I just wanted to share a great buy I made recently with all of you. I don't usually shop at Winner's...mostly because I am not a bargain hunter and always seemed to get lost in the sheer amount of things to choose from in that store. I do however love purses so once and a while I venture in and only go to that section of the store. This time something caught my eye in the beauty section and drew me in.

It was the cutest mini straightening iron with a tattoo print on it. I don't know why I had to have it but I couldn't help myself. I was so sad when the protective case was missing but then was happy again when I was offered $3 off the already low price of $26. Now I really did think that this iron would be useless and not get hot, even though it stated that it got to 410 degree's but I still had to have it. This thing gets hot, I mean hot enough to straighten this girls curly hair!! Now the straightener itself get s little hot as well at the tips, but I'm not surprised when you take into account it's size and how hot it gets. It's so small that I can give enough pressure to straighten without touching the tips. Yeah so it really was a good buy!

While I was there I found a few other gems, CHI Infra Treatment for only $10 and a great Urban Decay glitter set for $7. There were so many other things to choose from but I held myself back as I was only there to get a purse not buy the beauty section of the store. I really never noticed that section of the store before and couldn't believe what they had to offer!.

I will definitely be going to back soon on a hunting trip for some more great product!!

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