Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cover Girl's Lash Blast Luxe Mascara Review

So I have previously stated that I did not like Cover Girl's original Lash Blast mascara, but always willing to try something new I wanted to give Lash Blast Luxe a try in the newest 'luxe shimmers'. I bought black Cabernet as I always find burgundy gives my green eye's a nice boost, boy was I disappointed!

This product much like the original formula boasts a very large wand, which I know many people love but I find it difficult to get this product placed well at the lash line without causing a lot of mess on my lids! As soon as I opened the packaging I was shocked, black should not be included in the colour description as this one is a deep red mascara. It is not a true black with red shimmer to it! I do like the formulation of this mascara as it gives some very nice volume to the lashes, but that's where the love of this one stops.

I could not believe how this mascara did NOT make my eye's pop. The red shade comes across as almost a gray on my eye's leaving my lashes looking washed out and not adding any focus to them at all. The cabernet colour did not make my eye colour stand out at all and I had to add a black mascara over top to save my look for the day.

I have not tried the other colours so I would love to know if they are a true black with a shimmer of colour! I was so disappointed when I opened this product after reading black in the colour. Cover Girl should really have labeled this one as a red or burgundy mascara so that people really knew what to expect!

I really wanted to like this one, but yet again I am disappointed with a Cover Girl product!!

Let me know your thoughts on the new Luxe shimmers!!

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