Friday, September 11, 2009

Quo Makeup Brush Review... and Disappointment

I have loved Quo makeup brushes since they first came on the market. For me they are a great value as I go through brushes very often and these have always been great quality at a great price. I am sad to say however that the quality of these brushes has gone down hill greatly over the last year and I am left with brushes of lower quality that last little longer then a discount brand!

I contacted Shoppers Drug Mart ( the makers of Quo ) to ask them if they had recently changed manufactures and was told that nothing has changed and that their product is still being held to highest standard. I then went to Makeup Alley where reviews also lead me to believe that something has changed due to lower review ratings on newly released brushes.

I am so upset that quality is suffering as I really loved their brushes as well as the price point on the products. I will though that if it meant the same quality that I am used to I would be willing to pay more to get the product quality I amused to getting!

Please let me know what you think about these brushes and if have had similar experiences!


Ana said...

About 2 years ago, my hubby got me for Christmas, a whole set of Quo brushes.
What a disappointment! The very first time I used them, instead of just leaving the make up on my face, they were also leaving their hair, and not just one here and there, but quite a few. Anyway, they might have been good in the past, but now they actually suck big time! I ended up buying better brushes at Sephora and, believe it or not, also from the house brands from Costco (Kirkland) and Superstore (Loblaws).

NancyPower said...

Ya I am very sad, my old Quo brushes are my favorite!! I shop at Costco often so I will have to check out their brushes!