Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pure Anada Mineral Makeup

I have been using Pure Anada for over a year now and love several products that I wanted to share with you. Pure Anada is a Canadian makeup company who sell mostly though distributors as well as online.  Their blushes along with several eyeshadow shades and mineral veil have become staples in my kit through out the past year.

At first I wasn't sure about the veil as it seemed very dark compared to my skin; however it soon became one of my favorite bronzer shades for the winter. It's golden hue and wonderful luminescence gave me a wonderful glow during the winter months. They do carry bronzers but I find the veil just perfect for my skin tone when I am not tanned!

Their blushes come in a wide variety of shades but my favorites from the ones I have tried are Raspberry Parfait and Spring. Spring is a great brown peach tone that goes on so smoothly and gives a hint of colour perfect for paler skin tones! Raspberry Parfait is a great deep pink shade that still looks like a natural glow. It is great for deeper skin tones but still can be used the lighter skin toned gals with out looking too dark!

For the eye's have one shade that stand out from all the one's that I have tried and that is Gold Dust! It is the perfect shade in my opinion for the brow bone. It gives a great highlight and shimmer that finishes off any look that you are wearing. I use it almost everyday and love how it lifts the eye and accentuates the shape of the brow as well.

So there you have it my favorite products from this line! I know they have come out with new shades and products since my last order so check them out to see what they have to offer!!

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