Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Maybelline Superstay Foundation

This weekend I went out and purchased Maybelline's Superstay foundation. Superstay is the newest addition the the Maybelline foundation line up and is the replacement for the old long lasting foundation Maybelline once offered which was double sided and was blended once pumped from the bottle.

I really wanted to like this foundation but I just couldn't do it. All of you who read my blog know how much I LOVE Revlon's Colorstay so that is my comparison for sure. First of all Maybelline usually offers a great selections of colours for those who have both yellow and pink undertones. The Superstay however did not. Although the disply showed every other colour having the different undertone, when tested all were pink compared to my skin until I got the the shade nude, which is the fourth from the lightest shade in the collection and is darker then my skin tone. I did decide to try it as when I self tan I am much darker. 

As soon as I started to apply it I noticed a orange hue to my skin, as well it looked heavy but still did not cover all my redness. My Revlon goes on creamy and begins to cover right away with even the lightest application. I had to apply too much product for my liking in order to get the coverage so that redness didn't come through and by then it looked heavy. It did set to powder finish which is nice, but I did find that it made any dryness in my skin more noticeable.

As for all day wear I cannot say that is true either. Wearing the Maybelline just as I do my Revlon I saw noticeable signs of wear within a few hours. I did not rub my face with a cloth or anything extreme, just normal wear as compared to my favorite brand. 

I think if you only wanted a light coverage and had a pink undertone it MAY work for you. For me however who needs a medium coverage, has combination skin and a yellow undertone Superstay was totally not the right product.

I will not be giving up my Revlon Colorstay anytime soon!!!! 

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