Monday, November 23, 2009

Toronto IMATS, My Experience!

This was my first year at IMATS and the first for Toronto as well! I have never been to such a huge gathering for the makeup obsessed before and at first it was a little overwhelming! Once I got my bearings I was off to see what the amazing companies at the IMATS had to offer. It was suggested that I hit Crown Brush and MUFE first, once I saw the line for MUFE's 40% off sale I decided to wander over to Crown brush that that was where I made my first purchase. First must have was the Coastal Scents 88 palette, at $15CAD. I also bought a selection of brushes as well as disposables for my kit.

I walked around for a while to see what the other booths had to offer and saw some amazing prosthetic work as well as drawings at the makeup museum from the movie X-Men. Next I became completely drawn into the student competition taking place. Right away I was drawn to one competitor who had done the most beautiful gothic look. I am happy to say I heard later that she had won the competition. My camera didn't do a great job in the lighting but I did take a couple of pic's for you all.

I watched various classes by some of the most amazing makeup artists out there and learned a lot of great new tips and tricks. Then it was time to make a few more purchases that included Kryolan, Royal Brush, and Pari just to name a few!!

I was so happy to get to have a very nice conversation with Debbie Bondar of FACE atelier, a great Canadian makeup company offering some amazing products. I had a chance to play with the product and found their silicone based foundation a real treat to work with. This company has grown very quickly and is used by Billy B as well as many other amazing makeup artists throughout the industry! This company has been featured in many magazines and has been used in many of your favorite tv shows, fashion week etc. Some of the products I was interested in were already sold out so I will be placing an order soon.

I only wish that some companies such as NARS would have been there offering some sort of promotion, seeing as I can just run to my local store to pick it up. It was an absolute treat to have a chance to play with product from companies that normally I can only order from not having gotten the chance to see and feel the product in person.

I met up with several bloggers as well as some great contacts and friends from youtube such as Stacey Brennan, Miss CaseyB, Koren (from Enkore)  etc and it was so nice to get to meet everyone in person.

I am already looking forward (and saving) for next years show! I had such a great time, and just loved having day full of makeup!! Will I see you there next year??!!

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