Tuesday, January 26, 2010

L'Oreal H.I.P. Color Presso Lip Gloss

I am always searching for new products and recently I came upon some of the new offerings from H.I.P. I really wanted to examine these products closer due to the unique packaging... I am a sucker for cool packaging!

Color Presso lip gloss which comes in 10 duo's for you to choose from. I really liked that you get two glosses for the price of one. All of the glosses are quite sheer, very shiny and have very little stickiness. I really liked they way these glosses looked on and the colour combinations are very well done to maximize the combinations you can create when you mix them.

The thing I didn't like is the thing that drew me in to check this product out... the packaging. I found it sort of a pain to use the glosses, taking them in and out! I know it's a small thing and something that probably wouldn't bother most of you, but I just often was ease when I'm on the go and I found this a little difficult.

Overall though these glosses are a good buy and I would definitely check it out!

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