Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ban Dry Winter Skin

If you are anything like me you suffer from dry skin during the winter season. It's a horrible feeling and is inevitable during this cold season. There are some easy steps you can do, as well as not do to help keep your skin as moisturized during the cold months of winter.

  1. Avoid hot baths- I know we all love them but hot water will dry the skin. Keep baths as short as you can and keep them luke warm. Use bath products that will but moisture into the skin. Shower instead of a bath when ever possible ( I know I am a bath lover too, but it is extremely drying) and opt for a shower instead!
  2. Use a humidifier- Going from the heat into the cold and back is very taxing on the skin. Blowing heat in homes and especially in the car can dry out skin in a short amount  of time. Using a cool steam humidifier will help balance out the moisture in your home and not only benefit your skin but often your sinuses as well.
  3. Moisturize more- I know it sounds simple, but many people don't realize that during the cold months it is necessary to add moisture more often to the skin. As well using stronger lotions is usually needed. Look for creams with 'humectants', or labeled as ointments. Be careful when switching your face cream as you don't want to cause skin irritation. Usually the brand you normally buy will have a more moisturizing option.
  4. Hydrate from within- I know you have heard it before but assuring your body is hydrated will aid your skin. As well new studies suggest trying fish oil or omega-3 for soothing dry skin. Omega-3 aids our body in more then one way so no matter the time of year this supplement is a great one to take for overall health.
I know there are dozens more tips, but these are the one's that I find the most helpful for combating the dry skin of winter. What are your tips for moist skin during the cold months??

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