Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Collection of My Recent Favourite Promo Pictures

One of the things I love most when companies come out with a new collection, is the promo material that comes with it. The images are stunning and make you want to create  new looks using unique colour combinations.

Below are some of my favourite promo pictures as of late. They inspire me and I hope they will give you a little inspiration too!

Makeup Forever

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Posey said...

The Givenchy promo pics are really striking compared to the others - I love that, despite the fact that most makeup collections are moving into spring/summer mode, Givenchy is keeping it winter white.

On a completely different note, I heard a rumour that due to the popularity of Twilight, a lot of makeup companies are expanding their foundation lines to include more pale shades. Something about a Pale N Dandy collection from MAC to jump on the 'pale palour' bandwagon. Interesting....

Tangent done now. :)