Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Glitz Beauty Pageants... What Are Your Thoughts?

When I was a little girl I always played beauty pageant, pretending that I was winning a crown and getting to dress in fabulous gowns. I was allowed to wear makeup while playing and my dad even made me a crown and sash to wear around the house! It was something that I loved to do as a little girl and still have fond memories of today.

On tv recently there have been multiple shows child beauty pageants and 'glitz' pageants in particular. While I see nothing wrong with a little girl wanting to be in pageants just as I did, I find these shows disturbing. Seeing parents coach their little girls to act and move in a manner is much older then their years is sad to me. As well seeing the lengths that some of these parents go with 'flippers', fake tans, hair pieces, even artificial nails for their baby girls.

I recently did a post on pressure in the media to be perfect and I just can't help but think that setting these little girls up to feel at such a young age that their natural appearance simply isn't good enough is a horrible thing to do. I would like to see a long term study on where these little girls are in 10-15 years after pageants are gone. Do they have lower self esteem? Do they feel a need for unnatural perfection?

What are your thoughts? I have included some photo's for you to look at, including some before and after of the heavily touched up photo's that many parents use in these pageants to promote their little girls.



Farah said...

I think its ok to have a little gloss on a little girl but when you get into the extensions, fake tan & fake nails on a 4 yrs old thats just wrong!!!

britishbeautyblogger said...

Hideous. Just hideous.

Anonymous said...

I think lip gloss and pink eye shadow is fine - other than that, it's too much... they will have the rest of their lives to wear make-up... let their natural beauty shine!

Blueyez said...

Frankly I find those pictures creepy. Little girls should not look like that. I'm seeing 25 year old faces on a four year old and it's so wrong. Those girls are adorable without all that.