Wednesday, July 28, 2010

FOTD Summer Fire

I was really excited wen I finished this look last night! It came out dark with my Blackberry so picture the colours a little more vibrant! I wanted something that reminded me of fire but in more of a summery way. She shadow are from JOE Fresh as well as a palette I picked up at IMATS last ear. I love that great shadows don't have to break the bank anymore and you can get some amazing results!

Now I wanted to ask you all a question... what is our favourite eye primer?? I'm on a quest to try some new one's that maybe I didn't know about. I love my UDPP and I am so excited about the packaging change that means no more genie bottle to waste product. However I would love to know what your favourites are!!!

3 comments: Cristina said...

Hello Nancy! My favourite eye primer to use is by Clinique. It comes in a small green squeeze bottle. You only need a little dot for each eye... but it dries quickly so you need to rub it in fast. Once it's on though, the makeup you apply on looks SO good. And if you use liquid shadows, you won't get creases. I have a question. I have plain brown eyes with little specs of hazel in them. What would you recommend for colour to make them POP more?
Thanks Nancy!
-Cristina from

NancyPower said...

@ Cristina- Brown eye's are great because every colour tends to look nice... many women with brown eyes find that jewel tone greens, bronze shades (and any other warm yellowish shadow colours) and various pink shades can really bring out the tones in your eye's making them brighter and appearing to 'pop' more!!

Thanks for the suggestion on the primer!! Cristina said...

Thanks for the tips Nancy :) I've heard of pink and bronzes on brown eyes... but not "jewel green" tones. Can't wait to try! Thanks again!!!

Cristina from