Friday, July 30, 2010

NOTD with Sally Hansen and China Glaze

As I posted this week I really like my Sally Hansen polish in Gray by Gray... so much that I wanted to do another manicure with it! I have told you all that recently I have been playing with more interesting polish combinations doing fades etc on my nails! I'm no expert yet, but I really do enjoy playing with the combinations.

This week was my Gray by Gray faded with China Glazes Spontaneous! I love this purple colour and it looks amazing mixed with my SH. Now I must say that cremes aren't as easy to fade into each other as polishes with a sparkle... no idea why really, if you know leave a comment telling me why!!

I think next time I will finish my CG a little closer to the tip of the nail as I used it to the middle this time and I don't see my SH as much as I would like. All in all though I really like loved this combo!

2 comments: Cristina said...

Wow! That's a gorgeous colour. Nice choice. I also like that in your pictures your nails are a clean, shorter length (just above the skin line). I think coloured nails look best when they're shorter because it looks neat. Very long nails in bright reds, for example, don't look as chic. Maybe that's just me though lol. I love that your nails look so neat all the time 

Cristina from

NancyPower said...

@ Cristina - My nail length is really one of necessity. My nails never used to grow and once I got pregnant they went crazy, I took advantage for a while but couldn't keep up with the feeling of long nails! The tops of my fingers seems to be as long as I can handle without them driving me crazy from day to day!

Thanks for the lovely compliment glad that the still look neat and chic without all the length :)