Friday, January 21, 2011

Beautisol Eye Want and Bright Eyed

I started testing these products a long time ago but didn't want to review until I had a chance to test it on my non pregnant skin (my skin acts very differently when pregnant)! I thank Sinead for her patience in getting this review done and I am excited to write it! If you are not familiar with Beautisol they started out with a line of AMAZING self tan products (click here to read that review) and have now ventured into anti aging products as well!

In the eye line there are two products; Eye Want (Crows Feet Be Gone) and Bright Eyed (No Needles Required).  These two products work best together to battle all signs of aging on the delicate skin around the eye. One works like botox, while the other plumps and strengthens the skin around the eye.

Let me give you the scientific breakdown of these products. Eye Want contains '10% Snap-8, a newer offspring of the highly acclaimed Argirilene®. It is clinically proven to reduce crow’s feet by up to 63% as it targets muscle contractions. Another peptide ingredient that targets muscle contractions, Inyline, is added for extra fighting power. EYE WANT also contains a special encapsulated Retinol to provide deep exfoliation in combination with Edelweiss Stems Cells and Antarcticine, all of which effectively resurfacing and reducing the appearance of those pesky wrinkles!'

Bright Eyed contains '5% Argireline®, a well-known peptide that aids in decreasing expression lines, and 5% Leuphasyl®, another effective peptide in wrinkle reduction. But nourishing and feeding the eye area is just as important! Borage Oil contains the highest GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) concentration of any oil and helps to increase cell resilience and moisten the fatty layer under the skin. Along with ChroNOline and other botanicals, BRIGHT EYED delivers a multitude of beauty benefits such as preventing collagen loss, soothing dry, scaly skin and firming the eye area.'

Now what you all really want to know... does it work!!! I saw a big difference in the lines around my eyes! Now I don't have much in the way of crows feet but I do have those pesky 11 lines between my eyes and the Eye Want worked great to greatly soften them. As well the Bright Eyed delicately moisturized my eye without a heavy feeling... something I hate in many eye creams! As well I often find eye creams make my eyes water and I did not have this problem with the Beautisol products!

I think this duo is well worth giving a try, especially if you tend to have sensitive eyes like I do!

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