Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Do You Return Makeup????

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I was recently cleaning up my makeup storage and was amazed with all the products I found that I really disliked but remained in my makeup drawers! I hold onto these things because I spend money on them, knowing fully that I wear never wear them again!

Now I know I have returned products in the past but the vast majority of the time the items just sit there! Some of the items are things I could not test from drug stores but most of the items are one's that I was able to test before I even bought them. Really I find testers just an indicator as you never really know until you try them in the manner that they are intended, but non the less I did try them out!

Do you have unliked makeup in your storage space? Do you mean to return items but never get around to it???


Tamara said...

I've gotten a lot better with returning things. With where I'm at right now, if I don't love it.. it goes back.

Rock that Look said...

I don't think I've ever returned makeup...but that's because I didn't know stores took it back!!! But knowing me, I'd probably hold on to the things I don't really like *just in case* i change my mind in the future. Ahh...such an addict lol!

Jennifer said...

I will return if I don't like or have a use for it :)

mjkennedy33 said...

i have to really hate something for me to return it. if i dont love it or even know im never gonna use it i will still keep it around too. i have yet to figure out lol. check out my makeup blog :)