Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Luminess Air... My Thoughts

A few months back I was sent a Luminess Air system to try. I was so excited because it had been so long since I had airbrushed and I had been seeing so many reviews about various systems everywhere online. I was sent the Beauty system which included the one speed compressor, 4 foundations, blush, bronzer and glow. As well I was to be sent an eye shadow duo, which was something I was very excited to try for myself!

 I loved the presentation of the system itself, the cute clutch that the system comes in is very cute and the brochure and DVD make the system easy to set up and understand!

I set up the system and began to experiment right away! I followed the instructions and used a lighter shade to cover imperfections and then moved on to my matching shade to do the rest of my face. Now my face is no where near perfect and I don't know if this is the reason why but I needed more then the suggested 10 drops for good coverage. I did feel however that the results were wonderful. Upon completion my skin was flawless yet I did not have a heaviness to my face. For myself I did need a powder for all day wear but this was simply because I have a very oily complexion.

The blush was quite pigmented so I had to be careful not to look overdone! With only one speed it is a little harder to control for this step then some other systems but once I got the hang of it I could create a good luck with this blush.

As for the eyeshadow... I really liked the colours I was sent. They created a nice look although I found them a little shimmery for my taste. I did need to create a type of stencil to create a nice clean look but it can be done. Again it was a little hard to achieve due to one speed but as with the blush, with practice it can be done.

My system did have one flaw... my stylus allowed product to escape without the lever being engaged! As with any product every now and then there will be an issue and for me this wasn't worth exchanging my system. I simply did not turn my compressor on until the stylus was in my hand and ready to use.

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Make-up Junkie said...

Great review! Is this also one for a consumer or the pro version? The one thing I like about TEMPTU's is that the speed is adjustable but I guess if you're used to airbrushing you get used to one speed. Would love to see a pic of the completed look on you! Especially to see the shadows :)